Ever wonder who testifies in court as fingerprinting experts or who is responsible for transporting prisoners between facilities? The Sheriff's department has varied responsibilities ranging from taking photos of crime scenes and searching and lifting latent prints to posting notices for public sales. These functions are listed below.


Hudson County Sheriff Makes 15 Arrests in Latest Warrants Sweep

A West New York woman wanted in connection with the alleged theft of $40,000 in E-ZPass use by Crown Transportation was arrested Monday in a warrant sweep that netted 15 Hudson County residents, officials said yesterday.

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Functions of The HCSO

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Unit primary function is the receipt, processing and investigation of complaints made against employees of the Hudson County Sheriff's Office. When a complaint is received, every effort is made to ensure a thorough, timely, and fair investigation of the allegation(s) contained in the complaint. The openness of the agency in the acceptance of a complaint is a principle element of professionalism and community responsiveness. All complaints are processed and reviewed by the Division of Internal Affairs and submitted to the Sheriff of Hudson County for review and final disposition.

Court Bureau

The Court Bureau serves Hudson County's main courthouse, as well as satellite courthouses, State & County Probation, and Support Enforcement Division.

The Court Bureau division is responsible for the day-to-day security and operations of the Hudson County Superior Court. Officers assigned to judicial functions perform these services while maintaining a secure and professional profile. In addition to security functions, these officers ensure that parties to actions, lawyers and witnesses are present when the court is in session. A major function of the court officers is the secure transportation of prisoners to and from the courts.

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office also maintains a security guard division to assist with security screening at the entrances to the main judicial complex as well as the satellite courthouses.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the enforcement of all local, county, and state laws involving criminal offenses. They also perform many service functions ranging from investigating traffic accidents to numerous types of public assist requests from citizens.

Utilizing the Pittman schedule, which provides 24 hour coverage, the Patrol Division is directly responsible for the day-to-day delivery of law enforcement services to all Hudson County parks and to the many Hudson County owned facility site locations.

The Hudson County Patrol Division has always been dedicated to maintaining a safe and crime-free environment for the citizens of Hudson County. Most Hudson County Sheriff Patrol Cars are equipped with radar. Others are equipped with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT). These are in-vehicle computers that allow the patrol officer to get an almost instant look-up of license plates and driver information which can prove invaluable during traffic stops. It also allows access to State and Federal data systems for criminal wants and warrants.

Tranportation Unit

The primary responsibility of the Transportation Unit is the movement of Hudson County Jail inmates to other correctional institutions, area hospitals, psychiatric facilities and other County or Municipal Courts.

The Transportation Unit assists local, county, and state law enforcement agencies with the transportation of prisoners from these agencies to the Hudson County Correctional Center. The Transportation Unit also works in conjunction with the Detective Bureau during raids.

Canine Unit (K-9)

The Hudson County Sheriff's Office maintains canine (K-9) teams that assist sheriff officers in a variety of law enforcement situations. Assigned to the Patrol Unit, canine teams are trained for a particular objective with extensive training prior to any operation and continuous weekly training to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

The canine teams are used to identify explosive devices or materials, and to assist sheriff officers and technicians in hazardous situations. Patrol canine teams are assigned throughout the county and are called upon to conduct building and area searches, track suspects and are used in other capacities where dogs and their handlers can provide unique assistance to a patrol sheriff officer.

Motorcycle Unit

HCSO's Motorcycle Unit focuses on traffic enforcement, traffic violation reduction, and also serves at ceremonial events including VIP motorcades, parades and as traffic escorts at special events.

The motorcycle fleet is comprised of Harley Davidson Police Road Kings, Electra Glide and Electra Glide Sport.

Each motor sheriff is required to attend and successfully pass an extensive motorcycle training program prior to being released on their own. After completion of the basic school, sheriff officers will also attend various types of training to keep their skills sharp while operating the motorcycle.

Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol supports the customary patrol policies within districts, providing an efficient and highly visible resource, especially in those areas with high automobile and pedestrian traffic.

Sheriff Officers in the unit must complete a 40-hour Basic Bicycle Patrol Training Course.


The Hudson County Sheriff's Office SWAT is a specialized, highly trained team of sheriff officers prepared for deployment in situations that require the use of special tactics and equipment. Typical situations in which this unit is deployed include hostages or barricaded suspects, high-risk warrant service, security for high-risk court trials, dignitary protection, detention facility disorders, drug related search warrants, high-risk prisoner transports and a variety of other scenarios that are outside the realm of normal law enforcement capabilities. SWAT officers are normally deployed to regular duties, but are prepared to respond to SWAT calls at a moment’s notice.


The primary function of the Bureau of Criminal Identification is the positive identification of suspects, defendants and inmates. The BCI Unit provides a professional service to all police agencies within Hudson County, the State of New Jersey; all states nationwide and all Federal law enforcement agencies. All services will be performed promptly, properly and professionally without bias.

The BCI Unit has many functions. The BCI Unit is responsible for maintaining criminal files. BCI services are used for background checks for employment by the following: Hudson County Human Resources and Hudson County Superior Court. During warrant sweeps, BCI fingerprints, processes, verifies and classifies all individuals arrested.

The BCI conducts fingerprint comparisons which provide identification of suspects and arrestees for law enforcement agencies for classification and verification of fingerprints. All individuals arrested and/or incarcerated are fingerprinted. The fingerprints are classified and the suspect’s identity is verified.

The BCI unit obtains DNA samples on individuals convicted or found guilty of a crime or by reason of insanity. The law applies to all individuals sentenced to terms of imprisonment and/or probation for crimes of the first through fourth degree.

Detective Bureau

One of the most critical functions in law enforcement is the investigation of criminal offenses. The detective's main objective is to gather information that will successfully identify, apprehend, and prosecute a criminal offender. The Detective Bureau works closely with the Patrol Division and also collaborates with outside agencies to complete their objective.

Along with the investigative component, the Detective Bureau is responsible for the service of arrest warrants issued by the courts. Warrant service is accomplished regardless of the originating court’s jurisdiction.

The Detective Bureau is also responsible for extradition of felons arrested in other states.

Civil Division

The Hudson County Sheriff's Office Civil Division carries out the sheriff's statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in New Jersey and throughout the United States and include:

  • Summonses, complaints and subpoenas
  • Writs of possession for real estate
  • Injunctions for protection against domestic violence
  • Writs of garnishment
  • Arrest orders/writs of bodily attachment

The Civil Division also enforces levies and writs of attachment and conducts Sheriff's sales to aid in the collection of money judgments.

9-1-1 Call Center

For any and all emergencies, including Police response, Fire or Medical Emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

To report a non-emergency crime that did not just occur, or a nuisance activity, use the non emergency number (201) 915-1300.

The 9-1-1 Call Center is the direct link between citizens and the County’s Emergency Response Services. The dispatchers screen and handle all calls for service and provide support for all field operations. Dispatchers must be able to field hundreds of incoming calls each day, determine the best course of action, and forward that information to the appropriate resource. The Hudson County Sheriff's Office provides 9-1-1 intake and dispatch services for all unincorporated areas of Hudson County, 12 law enforcement municipalities, 7 fire rescue municipalities and numerous special patrol areas including Court Bureau and other areas.

Project Life Saver

Hudson County is home to thousands who have Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, Mental Dysfunction Disorders and many youngsters with Down’s Syndrome or Autism. More than half with these ailments will wander at one time or another. Those who become lost will require an urgent, well trained response. If not found quickly, they are at high risk of serious injury or even death.

Participants of Project Lifesaver are given special wristbands with transmitters that emit silent signals picked up only by unique receivers & directional antennas. In the event a participant wanders off and the Sheriff’s Department is notified, the Search-and-Rescue team is deployed utilizing Project Lifesaver's specialized tracking equipment to locate the missing person.

Sheriff Personnel and volunteers are uniquely trained to make your loved one feel at ease for a safe return home.

The average time to locate a missing participant is 20-30 minutes from time of deployment.

Juvenile Electronic Monitoring Program

The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office works with the Family Court Division to provide an alternative to incarceration for juvenile offenders. The Juvenile Electronic Monitoring Program is designed to enforce healthy school/work/home routines and prevent juveniles from roaming around the streets at anytime. Compared to institutional juvenile programs, the cost savings can be upwards of $200 per day. Juvenile electronic monitoring represents an excellent and effective alternative to traditional incarceration solutions.

The Juvenile Electronic Monitoring Program also known as GPS is intensive supervision with the defendant being monitored constantly via satellite technology. It enables us to track the exact location of the defendant and his movements anywhere in the world. We utilize a one piece unit which is active and operates on cellular technology. The sheriff officers are also able to maintain in constant communication with the juvenile without the use of a landline.

Weights & Measures

The Division of Weights & Measures is a local enforcement agency. Our inspectors use highly accurate equipment to inspect scales, meters, scanning equipment, and packaged products. They inspect a wide range of businesses including supermarkets, gasoline stations, packing plants, and lumber yards. For more information, call (201)369-4323.

Hudson County Weights & Measures' officials work to keep the marketplace honest by using highly accurate equipment to inspect scales, meters, scanning equipment, gasoline station pumps and lumber yards throughout the state. Weighing or measuring devices are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes unless they are registered with the Office of Weights and Measures. Because of the inspections and investigations conducted by the men and women of Weights and Measures, New Jersey consumers can have confidence when shopping. However, consumers should also pay attention when making purchases. Small, seemingly insignificant errors can add up.

Let Us Know How We're DoingCommendations

Everyone enjoys receiving recognition for their efforts. Commendations, either verbal or written, are one of the best ways to let someone know that you appreciate their work. A commendation for an employee of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office is most often sent to the Sheriff. You may also advise the employee’s supervisor or Watch Commander. Your comments can be made in person, by telephone, or by using the email form below.

A commendation may address any event that you deem noteworthy on the part of an employee whom you believe should be recognized. This may range from the display of unusual courtesy or compassion to significant life-saving measures or heroic acts. We are interested in hearing about your observations of any commendable act or behavior.

All commendations are formally documented and the affected employees will be notified.

A commendation takes only a few minutes to write or communicate. It can go a long way to let the personnel of the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office know how you feel about them and their service.